Wireless Navitas Set To Release Bluetooth Remote Control Light Switch – Wireless & No Batteries Required

Wireless Navitas are a new brand to the market targeting assisted living and making electricians lives easier with their problem solving wireless light switch.

Their switches are designed to solve problems and allow for easy light switching at home or at work in situations that would normally require extensive work and destruction to property to install wiring.

Available in two styles, one being the circular removable button that turns into a wireless remote, and the new for 2020 UK style switch in both 1 gang and 2 gang styles.

As the switches are wireless and require no batteries they can be placed anywhere, including in a bathroom where light switches are not normally able to be installed so if you’re simply looking to replace a pull cord for a light switch this is a great way of doing it.

If you’re looking for an all-singing all dancing smart home solution then these aren’t for you, but there are plenty of applications where this wireless switch is going to both save installation time and make life easier for the end-user.


Wireless Navitas EnOcean Battery Free Bluetooth Light Switch

No Battery – EnOcean Powered

The Wireless Navitas light switches party trick is the fact that it requires no battery and no power!

Simply pressing the switch generates enough electricity to activate the receiver, which is installed into your lighting circuit.

You’re probably wondering how reliable and good this is, well luckily Wireless Navitas provided us with a demo kit which is being used daily in our warehouse.

It’s lightning fast, super reliable and it was installed in minutes.

Powered by the amazing EnOcean technology, you can rest assured that it’s a quality product that’ll work and last for years to come, maintenance free.


Wireless Navitas Use Cases

There are many situations where this switch will solve problems whether it be at home or at work.

Say for instance you are looking to add an additional light switch beside your elderly parents bed so they can safely and easily turn the light on without crossing the room in the dark.

Traditionally you’d need to install electrical wiring between the two light switches which would involve a lot of labour, damage to the property and making good.

With the Wireless Navitas switch however you can simply install the actuator behind the light fitting, replace the existing light switch for a wireless version and then install a second wireless switch beside the bed.

Both light switches will control the same light without requiring any additional wiring, chasing of walls or extensive labour.


Smart Phone Apps & Future Upgrades

Whilst these switches aren’t designed to be a “full on” smart home solution, there will soon be a free app that allows for easy setup and switching of the lights.

In early 2020 there is set to be a dual channel dimmable module as standard allowing you to control up to two lights from one module as standard (additional switches required).

Whilst the modules are going to be dimmable, the UK style switch is for on/off only.


Wireless Navitas products will be available from select wholesalers & retailers from late January 2020


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